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David Wolfrum grew up outside of Chicago. Spending school-age years involved in music, performing was learned at a young age. Come college time, Dave was surrounded by musical friends and frequented small time concerts all around Chicago. Playing drums for hours on end with musician friends, recording albums in basements and setting up band gigs was the life for years. Then Dave started a career, physically stepping away from the musician life, but never mentally! After years of moving to different states for work, he and his family landed in Des Moines, IA. It was here that the love for performing bloomed again!

Currently, Dave enjoys entertaining through the speakers in many different forms. Operating independently, Dave brings specific and specialized care to any event or venue. Every event is a performance, no matter the size or the occasion. Dave has found an additional joy as a fitness DJ, matched with his "day job" as an engineer at a health club. With a regular career in engineering, Dave brings sets that are technically advanced and immaculately planned. Lonumn Events will light up a room, move bodies to dance and give you a unique musical experience that everyone will remember. 

LONUMN : NOL (in reverse) - first 3 letters from Dave's son's name and UMN - last 3 letters of Dave's daughter's name

My family is the most important thing in my life. Every performance and event I do is dedicated to them. My business name is evidence of that.

- Dave

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