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It has been easy to find articles about hiring your DJ or band for your wedding. Articles like "7 things to ask your DJ" or "10 things to ask before paying your entertainer". This is something that does create stress for some people. In a lot of cases, this decision is a big one for two very important reasons: it costs A LOT of money and it makes or breaks your wedding. I find this questionnaire approach a problem for one important reason...you shouldn't have to ask. This doesn't just apply to hiring an entertainer, but to any service that you pay for. This notion that you have to "expose" the problems before hiring someone is a sad truth. There isn't enough drive to "do well" for someone out of kindness, dignity and raw hard work. Instead we find a lot of deceit, laziness and lack of empathy. When you ask someone the generic questions, it is supposed to expose the frauds and help you find the perfect match...right?

Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.
— Margaret Thatcher

What I challenge is that the answers to the questions aren't what helps you decide who to choose. Well, not entirely at least. What you decide is based on how you feel about the situation, as it should be. Wouldn't you get the best feeling about a DJ if they answered all the questions you had even before you even asked them? Not as a fake facade of empty promises, but as a proof that this entertainer has it all put together. My point to share from all of this is that there are A LOT of people in the world who declare themselves a DJ and there are a lot of DJ's who want to make a lot of money as one. There are a much smaller number who take their craft very seriously, who carry a value much higher then they charge, and who carry empathy much higher then the others out there. This performer is one who would never come cheap, but would earn every dollar. This performer is one who everyone wants, and everyone can have if they search hard enough for them. These performers don't fill the stereotypes because they lead instead of follow and they cannot be defined the same as the rest. You find this performer by asking the same "10 things" you read about elsewhere, but be sure to judge based on the two most important qualities: attention to details and empathy. That will get you the best entertainer for your most important day and a performer that leads instead of follows. One who is defined by details never lets anything fall through the cracks and is prepared in every way possible. One who runs by empathy makes decisions for you and what you want, which is the only way it should be on your wedding. 

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