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What's all the hoopla about wedding games?

Something that is becoming popular at weddings is playing games.  From trivia games at the reception, to games for the outdoor wedding, and even games to play before the ceremony. If you are having an outdoor wedding there are plenty of games to choose from. Giant Jenga and bags quickly come to my mind but with a few materials you could also build you own games such as Mini Golf, Ring Toss, Connect Four, and Tic Tac Toe. If you have plenty of room outside there isn't a shortage of games you could do in between the reception and ceremony. I love Pinterest because there is SO many ideas you can find on there. Check out the ones I have found so far here (https://www.pinterest.com/djlonumn/wedding-games/). I'll continue to add more to that board as I find them. From free printables to ideas on how to tailor your games for your wedding, you'll find something unique to get your family and friends involved in the games. Wedding speech bingo might not be for everyone (especially since bingo may be yelled out during the speech) but it may be something fun you would like to add. Your DJ is there to help facilitate any games that are played especially the shoe game which is becoming popular. The bride and groom sit in chairs back to back and take off their shoes. They give each other a shoe so they have one of theirs and one of their significant others. The DJ or someone from the bridal party would ask questions related to the couple and they would hold up the corresponding shoe to match the answer. While we are all about the music we also love everything about weddings and are here to be a helpful resource if you don't have time to live on Pinterest (like I, the wife, does!). You will find our Pinterest link at the bottom of our site, so you can reference it anytime you'd like. Let us know if there is anything you would like to see on there. Happy wedding planning!

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