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We love a good theme around here. Our kids always pick a  birthday party theme, typically a tv show they are into and we usually go a little crazy with it. One year our son wanted angry birds so we made our own slingshot and used playground balls for the pigs and birds that we drew faces on, and got  bunch of cardboard boxes from Menards to build with. The kids loved it and it looked awesome. 



For our 10 year wedding anniversary the 10 year is represented by tin so at our party there was some tin but a lot of silver and because we made a 10 year anniversary banner for pictures we took we also used that which had pink.




Obviously for weddings there is always a color theme. The dresses can't clash with each other and usually need to go with the flower scheme. Maybe your wedding has a lot of country touches so the girls and guys are wearing cowboy boots.  Or you really love flowers so everything has to go with them. You dont need a theme to a wedding but if you want to the most obvious are the seasons fall, winter, spring and summer or the style which is typically either modern or rustic. Who says you need to get married on the beach or in the forest to incorporate that theme? If you haven't checked out our pinterest recently we have added some fun new things. Mostly the reason for this post was because I was at Target and found some cute things to use for a wedding shower  which almost always has a theme along with some things for the actual wedding. All these items were found in their spot section, a great place to not break the bank but still have attractive items.


So for these they would make cute gifts more than anything. The water bottles say I do crew and team bride. The glasses say Mr. and Mrs, Maid of Honor, Best Man,Groomsmen, and Bridesmaid. 


I love the wood signs they come as a pack of 3 so I flipped over each saying that is on them. I think chalkboards are a quick and cute way to add a saying, have for seating arrangements, or to put instructions on, and using different sizes makes for a nice contrast.


Having a summer wedding might mean you are having a spring shower ( not that it feels like spring here in Iowa) which might call for flowers, pinks, and greens. A simple way to have something standout it to have a backdrop, the ribbon streamers are  great way to do that. I love that the flower banner even matches the bridal shower games. There was also some very pretty glass water bottles that had flowers on them that would make a great prize giveaway.  The nice part is that some of these things such as the chalkboards, flower banner, ribbon streamers, starry lights, and some of the wood signs could be reused for other parties.

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