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All services requested will be provided based on interpretation of information provided on this booking form, anything discussed in person or via text or via email, or any planning documents submitted in writing or digital form. This interpretation will be listed on an official estimate which you will need to agree to, along with the associated cost. No agreement will be binding until this digital approval takes place. All estimates and invoices are produced and managed with systems by Square Inc., and will be transmitted via the email address provided during booking. Lonumn Events is not liable for providing any non-documented services or any services that cannot be provided because of any Act of God (ex: weather, flood, fire) or prohibition from any party associated with the event (ex: venue, city/town) especially when prohibited by law. If an Act of God prohibits any planned event, every reasonable effort will be made to carry out the agreed services as soon as possible. Deposits are required to guarantee the booking and reservation of event date. Deposit amounts required are listed on estimates and all deposits are non-refundable. All payments are due by the date of the event, no later than event setup is planned to begin. Setup/delivery of services will not occur without completion of payment. Lonumn Events is not liable for mistakes made by clients including incorrect information provided or changing agreement plans without proper communication. Acceptance of changes communicated to Lonumn Events made to the agreement will be made via changes to the event invoice and will be resent to the client. No changes are official until this invoice edit takes place. Changes to the agreement may change the cost of the services. Every reasonable attempt will be made to necessary adaptations required by unplanned challenges during the event (ex: equipment failure, human interference).
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