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Wine, Women & Shoes Event - October 2018

Special Events

Summer festivals or backyard parties...DJ Lonumn is a perfect fit for your event. With an eye on energy and accommodation to any style of event, DJ Lonumn is a perfect fit. Every size of event is considered a performance, with individualized preparation, and a passion for leaving a lasting memory. Contact DJ Lonumn for your personal party, corporate event, fund raising event, music festival, or other special events. Event rates depend entirely on the type of event, so contact us for booking information.


Every event is different, so each event will priced differently

Please contact me to get a flat rate price for your event



fitness EVENTS

Nothing is more important for health then proper eating and consistent physical fitness...but nothing pairs with that better then a great DJ. Lonumn has a background in fitness DJ events, bringing a special energy to group fitness classes. From high energy team classes, to the quiet serenity of a yoga class, DJ Lonumn is the perfect compliment. Get them sweating with the proper workout...but keep them motivated to the end with amazing beats from DJ Lonumn!


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