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flat rate pricing

A flat rate pricing that is simple. Your wedding is very complex...but that doesn't mean your DJ or planning pricing should be. The one price covers most weddings, and means you're getting the same premium experience as everyone else. There is no watered down version, or over priced packages. Every wedding I do gets the same special care because no one's wedding day is more special than anyone else!

Limited Schedule

With a set amount of 20 weddings per year, your wedding will get all the attention it needs. With less weddings per year, I can maintain a very high level of quality for every wedding I do, while also getting to spend quality time with my family whom I love! I started as a DJ because of the passion I had to entertain while making dreams come true. The only way to do that properly without losing quality or passion is to remain limited in my schedule!

Detailed Planning

You spend way too much time and money on your wedding for your entertainment to be running on the fly! Your entire wedding schedule will be planned so that nothing is missed and everything happens on time! You can rely on Lonumn Events to make sure the pre-determined elements happen in the order you want and at the time you decide. This doesn’t lower the flexibility…just increases your happiness! Enjoy your day without worrying about what should be happening next, but change the order based on your feelings in the moment. Come into your day with a plan and the piece of mind!

Playlist Planning

A wedding is WAY too planned to have a loose playlist! I will never show up to your wedding just ready to "wing it"! All my weddings are planned, whether you tell me every song you want to hear that day, or just a few of your favorites. We will review music at our final in person pre-wedding meeting to be sure that you’re happy with the way it looks. Your wedding…your approval! Remember...this doesn't mean I'm not flexible...just ready!

Wedding VIDEO

Your wedding is an amazing place to share more then just the company of ones you love…also share your photos and video of your journey together as a couple. A lot of your journey may be on social media, but let Lonumn Events help you put all of your memories in one video to share at your wedding. The created content has so many possibilities that can be matched to your total wedding plan, down to when and where the video is shown. Lonumn Events will make the process as easy as possible with a product that you can share on one day, but keep and cherish forever!

Guest Request Page

Organize your guests requests ahead of time with our help! With a dedicated page for music requests, we can handle assembling the list of what your guests want to dance to at your wedding. Send out the link in an email, attached to the invite, or with social media to get your guests involved! Once we have the lists of requests, we can review it together and decide which ones fit your wedding and which ones stay out!

The request page can be found here: lonumnevents.com/musicrequests


As a client of Lonumn Events, you’ll have access to resources only available to you. This page is full of links to help you with your planning, playlist ideas to help you find the songs your looking for and lists of all the checkpoints you need to keep you on track. No matter what capacity you hire Lonumn Events in, you’ll have the same access to the tools to make your wedding a success!


Booking Policy - All dates are secured ONLY by a paid 20% down deposit. All deposits are taken by a first come first serve basis. There are no placeholders. It is important that I stay consistent with this. Thank you for your understanding on this policy.

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