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By checking this box, you agree to properly communicate all necessary information to Dave prior to the wedding day for the best possible outcome. We commit to pay the full amount owed for services agreed upon. We understand that if services are canceled, the deposit is not refundable. We understand that changes are going to happen, it’s part of life, but all changes need to be communicated with as much notice as possible.
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I commit to giving you the best possible experience for your wedding day. I commit to quick and thorough communication leading up to your wedding day, and necessary and effective communication throughout your wedding day. I commit to have the music you selected prepped and ready to be played in the style you requested. I commit to be ready and available throughout your wedding day for any changes or pivots that are necessary. I commit to be a passionate and effective emcee throughout your wedding day, in a predetermined capacity. I commit to have equipment back-up plans in case of any issues. I commit to present a polished and classy setup that compliments your wedding. I commit to appear clean cut and well dressed on your wedding day. I commit that all pricing is transparent and fair, with no surprises. I commit that as soon the deposit is paid, I’m working for you...so any questions or recommendations about your wedding day will be answered as quickly as possible. I commit that after your wedding day is over, you will be pleased with the services I provided.
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